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The Latest Free Downloads from Polymancer Studios

 Polymamcer® Studios has a few free offerings you should check out. The latest issue of the game industry newsletter Polyglot™, the most recent episodes of DiceCast™, and the complete rules of the miniatures wargame PUMMEL!™ are all available for free download.

The Latest Free Downloads from Polymancer Studios

Polyglot, DiceCast, and PUMMEL!

 (MONTREAL) — Polymamcer® Studios has a few free offerings you should check out.

 The latest issue of the game industry newsletter Polyglot™, the most recent episodes of DiceCast™, and the complete rules of the miniatures wargame PUMMEL!™ are all available for free download on Scribd. Details about each are below.
  • The latest issue of Polyglot™, Polymancer Studios’s (FREE to read and FREE to use) game industry newsletter, is available on Scribd in the Polymancer area as Polyglot Volume 4 Issue 14. This issue is packed with all the latest news, latest releases, and other tidbits from companies across the hobby game industry and the computer/console game industry as well.
    • Remember that Polyglot is always free to download, free to distribute, and free to post to. Subscriptions are available by sending an e-mail to Just say you want a subscription. It’s free.
    • Any company that makes roleplaying games, tabletop games, miniatures, miniatures games, wargames, boardgames, LARPs, comics, graphic novels, anime material, mangas, computer games, console games, game or hobby related blogs, or related products can send a press release, product announcement, or other news piece to This is free, and images are both welcomed and encouraged.
    • Anyone with a well-written opinion about some current aspect of the game or hobby industry is invited to send a guest editorial (500 to 1,000 words) to
    • Anyone with a well-written review about a game or hobby product is invited to send a review (250 to 1,000 words) to
  • DiceCast™ is Polymancer Studios’s official podcast. It is available at – (Subscriptions are available at the iTunes™ music store and by RSS.) The latest episodes include an overview of 2009 and a string of interviews with game industry luminaries.
    • The DiceCast Special Holiday Episode features a discussion about the late Dave Arneson, the recent fragmentation of the D&D™ fan base, the revival of Wizkids™, and other important events from 2009. It is available at – Dicecast Special Holiday Episode.
    • DiceCast Episode 7 is an interview with Adam Jury of Catalyst Labs. Mr. Jury offers some great tips about freelancing in the hobby game industry, and what working for a game company is really like. It is available at – Dicecast Episode 7 – Adam Jury.
    • DiceCast Episode 6 is an interview with Jess Hartley, a freelance writer known for her extensive work with White Wolf. Jess Hartley’s anecdotes and musings give some insight into how a successful game writer works. It is available at – Dicecast Episode 6 – Jess Hartley.
    • DiceCast Episode 5 is discussion of making props for a roleplaying game and LARPs. It is available at – Dicecast Episode 5 – Making Props.
  • PUMMEL!™ Is a rules-light, fast-paced, but complete miniatures wargame. The acronym stands for “Pick-Up, Multigenre Miniatures, Easy to Learn”. The quickstart rules are available at Scribd – PUMMEL!
These free offerings from Polymancer Studios are available now.

Additional releases this month

 A new issue of Polygraff™ , an anthology of short fiction in fantasy, sci-fi, horror, pulp, techno-thrillers and other imaginative genres will be in stores across North America later this month. This issue includes great short stories by many up and coming writers as well as an exclusive interview with the Gor series of novels creator John Norman.

 A new issue of Polymancer magazine, Volume #2, Issue #10 is due out wordwide this month. This issue contains a full-length Anime-style adventure scenario, as well as a selection of great gaming related articles. There is a new column this month by the Mistress of Murder as well. You should check it out at yo favorite gaming store, newsstand, bookstore, or contact us at

About Polymancer Studios, Inc.
 Polymancer Studios Inc. is a full-service printer, independant publisher, layout and graphic design service provider whose Game and Hobby Division focuses on the game, hobby, and entertainment industries. Polymancer Studios’s includes amongst its products Polymancer® Magazine (gaming), Polygraff™ Magazine (fiction), the newsletter Polyglot™, Mojo™ the Infinitely Convertible™ roleplaying rules system, and PUMMEL!™, the Pick-Up, Multigenre Miniatures, Easy to Learn fast-paced generic miniatures game. Polymancer Studios also produces the DiceCast™ podcast.

   Polymancer® Studios, Inc.
   Email: Contact Us
   Polymancer on MySpace
   Address: 20 Weredale Park, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1Y6 (Canada)
   Tel: 514-667-1585
   Skype: polymancer
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