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Hex Games releases Necro Klepto!
Now that the holiday season is upon us again, what could be better than gathering together with loved ones around steaming mugs of cocoa and playing a board game? The problem, of course, is that youíre sick of all your old board games, and you donít particularly want to get in your car and drive to some overpriced specialty shop to buy a new game. Isnít there some way to get an inexpensive new board game from the comfort of your own home?

Yes, Virginia, there is. For only 99 cents you can purchase Necro Klepto, the new board game from Hex Games (in partnership with Atomic Turtle Games). Download the game, print out the board, and youíre ready for a night of fun, fellowship, and imaginary grave robbery.

Not long ago, adventurous men and women broke into graveyards, stole bodies, and sold them to anatomists for cold hard cash. Back in those days, grave robbers didn't need any fancy high-tech equipment--just a torch to light the way, a key to the cemetery gates, a shovel to dig up
the grave, and a crowbar to pry open the coffin. With Necro Klepto, you and your friends can take on the role of competing grave robbers and relive those magical times!

Necro Klepto contains a game board, complete rules, and 16 item cards. In order to play the game, you need a token for each player and a six-sided die.

Necro Klepto can be purchased at, as well as the finer PDF sales sites.
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2009-12-20 21:57:52
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