Newsletter for Thursday, November 26, 2009
Issue: 293

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The Unexplained Special Preorder Offer

The Unexplained, previously known as Strange World, is the exciting new storytelling game about paranormal investigation.

Now you can preorder it from the Carnivore Games web site with a fantastic offer.

Here's what you get:

  • 20% off the cover price.
  • The hardcover book is shipped to you once it comes back from the printer.
  • An immediate free download of the PDF of the actual book!

The PDF is the same PDF that will be for sale separately once the book has been released. So, this deal will give you both products for the price of one, with 20% off as well!

"I'm excited about this special offer," says Bradford Younie, president of Carnivore Games. "People have been looking forward to The Unexplained for several years now, and this my way to thank them for their patience and support."

The special offer will end once the game is ready to ship.

Just go to and click on the Products link.

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2009-11-26 08:40:29
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