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Issue: 273

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Come See Skirmisher at Gen Con Booth 313!
Skirmisher will be exhibiting at Gen Con and we hope you will come by and see us at Booth 313! We will be sharing a large space this year with two other great companies, model and miniature maker ArmorCast. Skirmisher will also be displaying products associated with a number of other endeavors, including 5th Epoch’s innovative “Metal Magic & Lore” role-playing game, TerrorWerks T-shirts and other memorabilia, and sculptures by artist Shea Garvin.
Several Skirmisher authors and artists will be spending time at the booth and this will be a great opportunity for fans to meet and chat with them. Some of them will also be running demonstrations of their games at the Skirmisher/ArmorCast booth. Even more popular, of course, are our two beautiful booth babes, “Con Kitty” and “Loleda”!

Skirmisher’s editorial and publishing staff will also be available to talk with people interested in working with the company and contributing to various Skirmisher projects, as well as media wanting to discuss Skirmisher products in particular or the gaming industry in general.

We will also have available our full product line of d20/OGL supplements, Cthulhu Live 3rd Edition books and scripts, tabletop wargaming rules, and our “Quactica” and “Orcs of the Triple Death” miniatures. All sorts of discounts and specials will be available, to include free downloads of certain electronic products for people who purchase various hardcopy books or miniatures.

Bring a copy of this announcement with you to Booth 313 and receive 20% off your purchase of any Skirmisher products.

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Spring Branch, TX 78070
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2009-08-07 22:17:12
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