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Issue: 19

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Pulp Egypt Preview #1: Free Scenario
Peter Schweighofer has released a free scenario preview to promote the PDF publication of PULP EGYPT: Adventures Along the Nile, 1933-1939, a roleplaying game sourcebook adaptable to nearly any game system. Download this pulp-era adventure at the Griffon Publishing Studio website ( ).

“The Charioteer’s Tomb” introduces readers to all aspects of gaming in PULP EGYPT, from ancient tombs and superstitious workers to nefarious criminals intent on relieving the heroes of the treasures they recover. As members of an archaeological expedition, the characters explore a long-lost tomb belonging to a charioteer hero of the ancient Battle of Kadesh. After braving the mysteries and dangers within the tomb, they must safely transport artifacts from the excavation site at Sakkara to their warehouse in Cairo, evading greedy laborers, antiquities thieves, and smugglers all intent on stealing their discoveries. The adventure also includes maps, pregenerated characters, and a player hand-out.

This scenario uses the Any-System Key to describe stats and difficulties in easily defined terms gamers can quickly customize to their favorite game engines. To use the information in this adventure and the PULP EGYPT sourcebook, you’ll need a copy of the Any-System Key (included) and your favorite roleplaying game system. Visit to learn more about the Any-System Key.

PULP EGYPT is scheduled for release June 26, 2006. Available for $20 from Schweighofer’s PDF imprint, Griffon Publishing Studio ( ), this 176-page sourcebook provides material for running pulp adventures in Egypt, with emphasis on archaeological, espionage, and criminal campaigns all infused with aspects of ancient mysteries and occult powers. In the coming weeks watch the Griffon Publishing Studio website at for more free PDF previews to download.

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