Newsletter for Thursday, July 16, 2009
Issue: 263

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Blue Panther Dice Tower Contest
Blue Panther announces the 2009 Dice Tower Contest.
Blue Panther's got got three great birch plywood (unfinished) dice tower designs – full size, mini-dice tower and knockdown (assembles and disassembles without glue), which will be available at your friendly local retailer and online in August. They are currently available at These dice towers are customizable – you can paint them, stain them, decorate them any way you like. We’d like your help, and we’re giving away FREE dice towers get it! Visit, to download the plans for each of the three dice towers. Then using your creativity and the measured drawings you downloaded, create a “skin” for one or more of the dice towers. You can size the skin for any or all of the dice towers we offer. Send us your best design(s) and if we post it on our website for our customers to use as a free download, you’ll get a FREE Dice Tower of any type that we make. Move quickly, because this contest starts July 16th and ends August 25th. Check out all the details at
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2009-07-16 12:46:36
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