Newsletter for Monday, June 05, 2006
Issue: 18

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Second Rat Games releases the first supplement for Arclight: Close Encounters in Nearspace.
Second Rat Games is excited to announce that the first supplement for Arclight, Close Encounters in Nearspace, has arrived.
This 39 page PDF contains a new faction with new technology, six new ships, six space creatures, information on the Karu Reef, and history of the area. Also included in the book is the new Arclight Slider. Each slider (and there is one for every faction in the game) makes it quick and easy to determine damage and also has a summary of important game information on it.

Visit for a sample of the book and to purchase it.

For more information either visit the Second Rat Games website at or email

Second Rat Games was founded by Erik A. Dewey and Donald G. Dennis to satisfy that creative itch, practice all those neat things Erik learned while getting an MBA, and allow Donald to go to conventions and see old friends. Heck everyone likes Don.
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2006-06-05 10:03:44
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