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Strange World Ready-to-Play Demo available now!
(Londonderry, NH) May 21, 2009 Ė Have you ever wanted to go camping deep in the woods to look for Bigfoot and see if itís real? Well now you can! The demo for the upcoming paranormal investigation storytelling game from Carnivore Games takes you deep into the Maine Wilderness in search of the elusive creature, but you and your team have got your work cut out for you as unexpected trouble crops up, putting all your lives in danger! The demo introduces you to the Strange World storytelling game and includes a ready-to-play adventure that has been thrilling players at conventions for over a year.

Download the demo at

"This is more than just a demo, itís a great little adventure module as well," says Carnivore Games president Bradford Younie. "Iíve been running the included adventure at conventions, and Iím glad to give others the chance to run it with their gaming groups."

The Strange World Demo provides all you need to get a taste for what Strange World is like. The demo includes:

* An introduction to Strange World and role-playing.

* Quick Start Rules for Strange World.

* A cast of 8 premade characters to use in the game.

* A complete non-fiction description of Bigfoot that provides everything a paranormal investigator should know about the creature before mounting an expedition to find it. This is a great example of the non-fiction side of Strange World that makes the game so unique.

* A complete and ready-to-play adventure called "Expedition: Bigfoot."
The Strange World storytelling game will release later this year in both print and PDF. Visit for information about Strange World and other Carnivore Games products.
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2009-05-21 20:41:26
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