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Gorilla Games releasing Deep Ones in Deep Space

Gorilla Games Brings the Horror of Lovecraft to the Milky Way With:

“Deep Ones in Deep Space”

Los Angeles, CA, May 12th 2009 – “Deep Ones in Deep Space” adds new tales of horror to the Battlestations universe. Based on the compelling work of H.P. Lovecraft, this 80 page book contains over two dozen new missions of starship adventure, a collection of new short stories, new equipment, new special abilities, monsters, and a complete psionics section. Also included is a new skill, “Sanity”, that helps the heroes cope with the abominations found in the void between the starry arms of the galaxy. This book asks the starship crew, “What must be done with evil?” and then plots their course into madness.

“Deep Ones in Deep Space” will debut at Gen Con 2009 (August 13-16) and will be available wherever Battlestations is sold.

By Jason Siadek. Illustrated by Doug Kovacs. Requires Battlestations (ooc0802) to play.

(DEEP ONES IN DEEP SPACE, MSRP $19.95 ooc0903)


Jason Siadek

Gorilla Games

ph: 310 398 1980

ABOUT GORILLA GAMES - Maker of fine games since 2004. Awards include the Sui Generis award for their unique hybrid of board game and RPG: Battlestations and an Origins Award Nomination for Lifeboat. Battlestations is Jeff Siadek and Jason Siadek’s Trademark game of Starship Adventure


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