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Issue: 17

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New Era of Traveller has Arrived
ComStar, billing itself as "Your New Source for Traveller", has announced the release of "Out of the Darkness", which introduces gamers to the new era of Traveller--dubbed 1248.
Written by Martin Dougherty, co-author of Traveller20 by QLI, "Out of the Darkness" provides gamers with an update on what has been happening in the official Traveller universe. With plenty of back story to help gamers get caught up with the times, game information to quickly adapt the information to their own game, and plenty of information on new adventures awaiting them, Out of the Darkness promises to take gamers to new heights in Traveller gaming.

Out of the Darkness was created by Avenger Studios (creators of a lot of Traveller material). ”Out of the Darkness has been more than a decade in preparation. Now, finally, the Traveller timeline can move forward into the future," commented a spokesperson for Avenger.

Author Martin Dougherty was also very excited about this release. “This is the best of all possible worlds. Civilized regions, large powers jockeying for position, exploration and diplomacy in the Wilds and for the truly adventurous, the chance to carve out a pocket empire far from the borders of the large states. The 1248 Era will appeal to all types of Traveller fans.”

ComStar is planning a September 1 release of the print version of the book. Limited sales of these books will also be made at gaming conventions this summer, such as Origins and GenCon Indy (via the Key 20 booth).

More information can be found (including discussion forums and downloads) at the ComStar website (
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2006-06-04 21:41:10
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