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Issue: 250

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Rogue Games bids you to enter the dungeon.
(Chicago & Toronto) April 8, 2009. The Rogues of Rogue Games is please to announce the launching of

First conceived on James Maliszewski's Grognardia, is an exercise in collaborative dungeon building. Over the course of the coming weeks and months, the site will present a growing old school megadungeon.

Although its native rules set is Swords & Wizardry, available as a free download from Mythmere Games, rules content will be light, making it usable with almost any fantasy roleplaying game. More importantly, the entirety of the content on (except artwork and cartography) is designated Open Game Content under the Open Game License. This means that anyone can freely use content from as they wish, including their own published products, provided they abide by the terms of the OGL.

More importantly, is free of charge -- no subscriptions, no fees, no cost. Once content is done and posted, it is there for anyone to use in any manner they choose. In addition, everyone is invited to contribute to, providing room descriptions, monsters, spells, magic items, maps, artwork -- you name it. The goal of this project is to produce a dungeon resource unlike any other.

So the question remains. Do you dare to enter the dungeon?

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2009-04-09 06:00:00
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