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Gorilla Games to publish Who Would Win? party game
For immediate release

Gorilla Games is proud to announce the publication of Jeff Siadek's party game "Who Would Win?" scheduled for release to coincide with the Origins Game Fair in June of 2009.

In "Who Would Win?" two players draw random character cards and turn up a random event card. Each player argues for 20 seconds as to why their character would win. The other players serve as the jury and vote on which player had the better argument. The first player to win 5 arguments wins the game.

Some example possibilities:

Ben Franklin vs. Barbie in a lion taming competition
Mick Jagger vs. Pocahantas in a kayaking race
Nelson Mandela vs. Sean Connery in a poker showdown

With 110 character cards and 110 event cards there are over 1,000,000 possibilities.

"Who Would Win?" comes with:
110 character cards
110 event cards
a 20 second timer and
a single page of rules
in an attractive cubic box just under 4 inches on a side.
Product code ooc0901
MSRP $19.95 U.S.
The game is packaged in cases of 24.

The game's attractive graphic design is the work of Fred Davis, art director for our "Lifeboat" card game nominated last year for an Origins Award.

See the box at:


and see the cards at:

We are expecting this game to move quickly to the mass market but as a show of loyalty to the adventure game channels that got us where we are today we are only taking pre-orders from existing customers. We are committed not to sell through mass-market merchandisers until one month after release through our current channels.

For further information, contact:

Jeff Siadek
310 994-5189

"Who Would Win?" is Jeff Siadek's trademark name for his party game of debating. All rights reserved.
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2009-03-25 21:21:46
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