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Skirmisher Releases ‘Tests of Skill v.3.5’
Skirmisher Publishing LLC has just released Tests of Skill v.3.5, a thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded version of its innovative OGL adventure module and sourcebook ($12.99, SKP E 0907, 130 pages; authors Paul O. Knorr, Shane O’Connor, Michael J. Varhola, and the Skirmisher Game Development Group; artists Sharon Daugherty, Todd Diamond, and Geoff Weber.). It is available as a PDF download on several online sales venues, including DriveThruRPG, RPGNow, and YourGamesNow.
Subtitled "An OGL Adventure and Sourcebook for Fantasy Role-Playing Games Set in the Silurian Heights," "Tests of Skill v.3.5" is designed to entertain and challenge players through scenarios and encounters that can be overcome optimally through role-playing, skill use, and diplomacy. While traditional hack-and-slash techniques can be used to deal with some challenges, most groups will find that tact, thought, and appropriate use of skills, feats, and abilities are generally much more useful and effective. The book also includes numerous tips on adjudicating skill checks that can be applied to any game session.

"Tests of Skill" was originally released as a version 3.0 publication and intended as a companion volume to Skirmisher’s "Experts v.3.5." This edition has been expanded by 24 pages, had its character and monster stats corrected and revised, and had added to it one new encounter, one new scenario, one new scenario outline, a new monster, a section on Defects and how to use them in the game, and numerous other elements. It is intended to be enjoyed both by people familiar with the previous version and those completely new to it.

Features of "Tests of Skill v.3.5" include:
• A versatile wild-land setting -- the Silurian Heights -- that can be used as a campaign setting or easily dropped into almost any existing milieu, including statistics on six different urban areas and local weather.
• More than two dozen detailed encounters, including three complete mini-dungeons and general and specific encounter tables.
• Three detailed scenarios and three scenario outlines that explain how to organize the included encounters into effective plot lines.
• 10 maps and diagrams, including player’s and DM’s wilderness maps, diagrams of several encounter areas, and a dungeon map based on Dwarven Forge’s Master Maze sets.
• Dozens and dozens of fully keyed and described NPCs, including two complete adventuring parties and stats for sample Warriors, Commoners, and Experts of the types like to be encountered.
• Three new prestige classes, the Gnoll Crocuta (plus the new Fear spell domain), Humbug, and Mercenary Commander.
• 16 new Skills, 35 new Feats, and 19 new Defects.
• Three new monsters, the Half Troll, Dire Hyena, and Multi-Mind.
• Detailed rules on the creation, usage, and special properties of books, including their effects on XP and skill checks.

This download includes low-resolution screen-friendly and high-resolution printer-friendly versions both of its cover surfaces and its interior pages.

For more information about "Tests of Skill v.3.5" and free bonus material related to it, go to the section dedicated to it on the Skirmisher Forum ( It can also be reached directly on DriveThruRPG ( and RPGNow

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2009-01-23 00:35:18
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