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Issue: 234

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Shattered Sword Barbarian Horde and Undead Preorder Deal!

p>T.O.G. Entertainment Inc is pleased to announce a very special offer to our fans. Going forward, for all major Shattered Sword Fantasy Battle Card Game releases, if you preorder the release you will receive a limited edition special Unit Card that can only be obtained by preordering or at special events that T.O.G. Entertainment Inc. attends.

For the Barbarian Horde and Undead Preorder Deal we will be offering the following:

Preorder the Barbarian Horde Army Deck and receive the Hariijar Unit Card. These are Ghostly warriors who have been slain in battle and come back to fight amongst their living brethren.

Preorder the Undead Army Deck and receive Count Drugenís Bloodletters Unit Card, a Vampire horde that will wreak havoc upon any who dare confront them.

The Undead army deck and the Barbarian Horde army deck are in layout and design, and will be available for March release - and right after that, we will have available Dwarf Reinforcement Pack #1, Orc Reinforcement Pack #1, Barbarian Horde Reinforcement Pack #1, and Undead Reinforcement Pack #1.

You can place your preorder starting today! If you preorder, you will receive a limited-edition specialty unit card only available to those that place a preorder. You will receive one for each army deck that you preorder - so if you preorder the Undead, you will receive Count Drugenís Bloodletters Unit Card; and if you preorder the Barbarian Horde, you will receive the Barbarian Hariijar Unit Card.

The Orc Army Decks and Dwarf Army Decks are shipping now. If you order the Orcs and/or the Dwarves and the preorder deal we will ship the Orcs and/or Dwarves right away and ship the preordered product when it comes in from the printer in the order the preorders are received.

Because we believe in supporting game stores and distributors we will be extending this offer to both. Stores or Distributors can inquire about the Preorder Deal through the website Ė

Visit the website for details -

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2009-01-11 21:49:09
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