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Real kids' monsters bring frights and fun to 'Monsters and Other Childish Things' game

Arc Dream Publishing has a fun new interactive feature at its website -- the Monsters of Oak Mountain, where "Monsters and Other Childish Things" players create game stats for real kids' monsters!

Arc Dream Publishing’s "Monsters and Other Childish Things" is a pen-and-paper roleplaying game about kids and their frightening monster friends. "Monsters" was a finalist for the 2008 Ennie Awards for Product of the Year, Best Writing, and Best Game and has received glowing reviews from gamers and critics both young and old.

At Oak Mountain Intermediate School in Birmingham, Alabama, we found a whole class of 5th-graders with monster friends! Now we need help from gamers to create "Monsters and Other Childish Things" roleplaying game stats for them.

We'll post a new monster, drawn and written by an Oak Mountain student, every school day between now and Valentine's Day. Players of "Monsters and Other Childish Things" can submit game stats for them through our Web site, as many times as you want for as many monsters as you want.

We'll pick our favorite entries and post them on the Web site. Our favorite of all will win a custom, hand-crafted art print by "Monsters" artist Rob Mansperger!

You can see the monsters and submit their stats here:

(Special thanks to Oak Mountain Intermediate School teacher Tara Schultz, Oak Mountain DARE officer Rachel Ivey, and the kids and parents of Mrs. Schultz' 2008 class for helping us put this fun project together.)


Contact information:

Shane Ivey
Arc Dream Publishing, 12215 Highway 11, Chelsea, AL 35043
(205) 296-6670

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2009-01-05 10:36:22
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