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Issue: 15

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“Twist The Modern World” Game Design Contest
Eureka, CA – May 15, 2006 -- Vajra Enterprises is pleased to announce its game design contest is now open to the public. Vajra Enterprises are the publishers of the unique and critically acclaimed RPGs Fates Worse Than Death, Tibet and In Dark Alleys. The new contest gives game designers the opportunity to submit a game setting and, if they win, get paid to create a new Vajra Enterprises RPG.

The contest centers around Modern-ORC. Modern-ORC is the ‘mundane’ parts of In Dark Alleys, Vajra’s game of modern-day horror, including the rules (Organic Rule Components) as well as the mundane character creation material (skills, equipment, careers, advantages and disadvantages). Modern-ORC is available as a free download from the Vajra Enterprises website.

Entrants are asked to create a 1-2 page description of a setting that is, in most respects, like the modern world but with something fundamentally different in an exciting, dramatic, scary and twisted way. The winner will be offered a contract to write the setting as a complete RPG, using Modern-ORC as a base.

Entries are being accepted now. The contest will close June 30th. For more information see:

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2006-05-15 18:43:08
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