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Issue: 227

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Starting Points: World Building Now Available from

Willing to do some research, but donít know where to start? The Starting Points series of RPG tools are here to help, available from . They provide enough information to point you in the right direction, to aid in the brainstorming process, to give you a few new 'keywords' for your internet search. Gather information...breathe life into your RPG campaign.

This volume focuses on introducing World Building. What happens when a government is run by a weak, unorganized military or a community in which religion is not considered important is being run by holy men? How did those governments gain power? How well will they stand against a popular rebellion or invasion from an outside force? It's all for you to decide! Build one world...multiple continents...and an endless amount of countries complete with unique climates, terrains, political systems, economic systems, religions, etc.

The data used in this volume of Starting Points is largely expanded and culled from the The RPG Toolbox: World Building Generators. Many people have requested to be able to look at the full data sets in order to pick and choose, rather than using a random generator where they only have access to one piece of data at a time. This format opens up the full, newly expanded data set.

We hope that this series of lists will provide you with many Starting Points and lead to hours of brainstorming and endless research. We encourage you to share the fruits of your research in your favorite online forums or discussion groups.
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2008-11-15 16:27:16
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