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Board Games Now launches November 2008!
Board Games Now ( your new source of independent print-n-play board games and more launches in November 2008
We’re a little different – how?

1) Quality - Let's face it. There are some good PNPs out there, and there are some bad ones, unfinished, untested designs that could just waste your time and money. That's why we're a moderated site - board game designs go through a review process before they appear - we sort out and post only the best, games that are already tested and fun to play.

2) The Best Get Published - If enough people like it, we'll publish it as a real bona-fide physical board game and ship it to you (fast). We have a pre-order and ranking system. PNP games that receive enough orders (and wish-list votes) will be put on the fast track to publication. Once the set number is reached (a few hundred, not a few thousand), you will be notified the game is available. If you already ordered the PNP version, you receive the purchase price of the PNP as a discount.

3) Delivery - Never out of stock - published games work just like PDFs - they're never out of stock because we're a "just-in-time" game publisher. You order it, we make it & ship it, you play it. Fast. No waiting months for restocks from faraway sources, we do it all in-house.

4) Designer Advantages - If you're a game designer, you'll find a good deal too. After enough people order it, you’ll be a PUBLISHED game designer. You also get your own “storefront” to manage all your titles for no charge.

Now accepting game design submissions at
For a copy of Board Games Now submission guidelines , go to

Move into the future of board gaming – where PNP and just-in-time game publishing meet – Board Games Now! C. 2008 Board Games Now, LLC
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2008-10-24 13:56:10
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