Newsletter for Thursday, September 11, 2008
Issue: 215

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Starting Points: Medieval Elements Available from Dimensions Game Software
Willing to do some research, but donít know where to start? The Starting Points series of RPG tools from Dimensions Game Software are here to help. They provide enough information to point you in the right direction, to aid in the brainstorming process, to give you a few new 'keywords' for your internet search. Gather information...breathe life into your RPG campaign.

This volume, available from, focuses on introducing Medieval Elements into a campaign. Perhaps you are already playing a game set in a Medieval World. Perhaps youíre playing a game set in modern times with characters who want to revive the good olí days. Perhaps itís a post-apocalyptic world thatís learning how to exist without technology and reverting to rule by superstition.

This is one in a series of PDFís and the first PDF creation by Dimensions Game Software. We hope that this series of lists will provide you with many Starting Points and lead to hours of brainstorming and endless research. We encourage you to share the fruits of your research in your favorite online forums or discussion groups.
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2008-09-11 15:14:35
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