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Issue: 211

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BluePanther releases Hexpack!
Hexpack, the new expansion set for Piecepack (the flexible, portable public domain game system) is now available from Blue Panther LLC!
Hexpack is the latest extension to the flexible, portable public domain game system known as Piecepack, with over 150+ games available. A Hexpack consists of 24 hexes, measured 2" side to side, in four suits (crown, moon, sun, anchor)with six values on each suit (zero/nul through five).

Hexpack expands the range of options for Piecepack game players and designers by adding 24 new possibilities. The Blue Panther Hexpack extension utilizes the same graphics as our other Piecepack sets - the JCD graphics set. Laser engraved out of durable birch ply and laser-cut to "double" thickness to match your existing oak piecepack, or "single" thickness if you're using the Blue Panther birch piecepack sets, Hexpack will open up a whole new world of possibilities for your Piecepack gaming.

Available exclusively at For existing owners of Blue Panther Piecepack sets, a discount is available on Hexpack. Email to find out how to claim your discount.

Blue Panther is a publisher of wooden board games and accessories. Featuring Piecepack, Dice Towers, and a whole bunch of new, family friendly games that play in an hour or less, all our products are laser cut and engraved, including the box.
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2008-09-07 16:48:43
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