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The Mundane Exchange now available for the Dungeon Dudes 3D
"Not Just Another Virtual Pet"

What do Wizard Robes, a Magic Sword, the Atari 2600, Chicken Breast Plate Mail, and a Steaming Pile of Poo all have in common? They’re all waiting for you at the Dungeon Dude 3D Mundane Exchange now available from and .

The slow, steady march for world domination continues as the Dungeon Dudes leave their 2D prison and enter a simple 3D world. Featuring the original characters, same simple mechanics, same self-deprecating humor: everything you love about the original 2D Dudes, except now you can train by navigating a simple 3D world instead of clicking a button.

This is the free, 3D implementation of the Mundane Exchange and the University as previously available for the 2D Dudes at . Now that you have trained your character, you are ready to battle a friend. Before entering into offline combat, you should visit the Mundane Exchange and the University in order to learn new battle-related skills and gain new battle-related items.

This is not a stand-alone product. The files must be saved in the same directory as the DungeonDudes3D.exe file or the LITE.exe file (yes, it works with the demo).

About the Mundane Exchange

After a long journey and days of button mashing exploration, training, and practicing, you and your group of offline companions finally arrive at the dreaded, yet often sought after, Tournament of Pain. Although you will all enter as friends, heaviness descends upon you as you realize that only one Dude can walk away unfainted.

After registering for the tournament, you make two stops before the offline battle begins.

First, you stop by the Mundane Exchange where the shop keepers will give you combat useful items such as a Super Ninja Throwing Star or a Magic Spear.

Next, you stop by the barely tolerable Dungeon Dudiversity...ahem …University where the telepathic professors can grant you mastery of combat useful skills such as Body Throw or Body Odor.

Instructions for the Mundane Exchange

Train your dude, save it, then load it into the Mundane Exchange. Instead of rolling dice, your items will be randomly exchanged by collecting “Sale” icons (symbolizing the Mundane Exchange) and your skills will be randomly exchanged by collecting the “Book” icons (symbolizing the University). Spend as much time as you like then save your character. Copy it onto a character record sheet. Battle offline using the tabletop rules or create your own homebrew rules!

Important Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or Vista with most recent SP installed. Make sure windows updates is run periodically. PC desktop or laptop with 1.7 Ghz processor, 512 MB RAM, 3D graphics card.

Dungeon What?

Dungeon Dudes...Dude. They are trainable characters, similar to virtual pets, but with role-playing game style advancements. Choose which Dude you want to work with, tell it to explore, train for new skills, or eat to regain hit points. Accumulate mass quantities of gold and different items. Copy your character to the included blank character record sheet and battle your friends offline using the Dungeon Dudes Combat System or create your own homebrew rules!

You can gain the strength to defeat your the offline Dungeon Dudes Combat System. You can share your Dude's code with other players in your favorite online forum or discussion group.

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