Newsletter for Wednesday, July 30, 2008
Issue: 205

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Blue Panther Releases Cambridge
Blue Panther Releases Cambridge – the next step in the evolution of Hangman in August.
Imagine a word game where the alphabet is your playing board, and you have entered the world of Cambridge. Featuring 26 engraved wooden letter tiles and four “honor” tiles with special abilities. Look at the board, choose your word, and then move to the tiles unlocking the letters for everyone. A big game in a small package, Cambridge can also be used for supervised and cooperative play by educators and homeschoolers for any grade level. Check it out at the Blue Panther booth (408) at Gencon Indy. Also available at your friendly local game store and online gameseller in August.

Blue Panther LLC is a publisher and manufacturer of wooden games and accessories. Our games offer fun and strategy for the entire family and play in an hour or less.
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2008-07-30 15:08:04
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