Newsletter for Sunday, July 13, 2008
Issue: 202

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Crafty Games Withdraws World on Fire from ENnie Consideration
This just in from the ENnie Awards staff and Crafty Games...

"Due to a communication error, World on Fire was incorrectly nominated for the Best Electronic Book category. While it is a worthy product the book also appeared in print, giving it an unfair advantage over PDF-only releases. Thus, Crafty Games has withdrawn the product from consideration with the thanks of the ENnies staff."

The For Your Consideration $5.00 off sale will still commence, running from July 21 to August 3 (though, of course, the sale will now simply celebrate the ENnies' honorary nomination, which stands, rather than a potential win).

Crafty Games will still be in the running for Best Publisher, as we've already received the requisite nominations. Thanks to everyone who put in for that.

Happy voting, and Stay Crafty!

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2008-07-13 22:31:07
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