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Rapid POD to start Publishing division?!
Hey Everyone,

My name is Ken Whitman and I have been publishing books for over 20 years. I am contemplating opening a publishing division of Rapid POD Printing, Inc. and printing RPGs, Art Books, Novels, Comics and Card Games.

The difference between us and other publishers is that we want to work with design houses and artist that hand us over finished products. Sure we will pick out who and what we want to print, but once we agree to your project, you have full control and retail full rights.

We will print, market, fulfill all orders of your product and may you for each unit we sell. Now obviously each company will be paid monies based on talent and what they bring to the table, however on average we are looking to pay a company 25% of wholesale cost for a print ready book.

Each company will share a company logo on the back, and depending on the product, given a contract to produce so many books in a given time. An example may be… we sign a 12 issue contract with ‘Steve’s RPG Comic’ for a 24-page monthly comic OR a two year contract with ‘Frank’s RPG company to produce 12 RPG products in the next 24 months OR we may sign Elmore Productions for a 64 page one-shot art book.

At the end of the contract your company gets to keep the IP and design.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in send me a one-page business proposal letting me know who you are, what you want to do and what products you have in mind. Keep this proposal down to one page (500 words and maybe an image or two.)

We are not a design house so don’t worry about us stealing an idea – we only work with artist and design houses who wish to partner with us.

Send any proposal to and please give me a week or two to look it over and e-mail you back. I am sure I will have a few hundred proposals to look through in the next few weeks.

Once again, I am interested in printing… RPG Worlds, Comics, Art books, Novels, and card Games… that I like.

Thanx for your time,
Ken Whitman


PS – Please pass this on to anyone you think might find this interesting.
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2006-05-01 23:11:25
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