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Issue: 197

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Peryton Publishing to Participate in True20 License
Peryton Publishing will be participating in Green Ronin Publishing's True20 Trademark license beginning this fall with Qalidar, Lost City of the Perytons.

Qalidar: Lost City of the Perytons, Peryton Publishing's first gaming supplement to be produced under Green Ronin Publishing's True20 Trademark License, will be released in October 2008. Lead Qalidar designer Christina Lea adds, "Green Ronin has been a leader in OGL-based gaming for over eight years and we believe that True20 in particular, with its elegant rules and its focus on fast, flexible game play, is well-aligned with our own design philosophy."

The Qalidar setting takes players to a city built into gigantic ruins orbiting a hole in time and space, and surrounded by a terrifying metaphysical storm. It will include new creatures, new archetypes, and new rules, including a system for alchemy and rules for traversing the Storm, along with a dark and edgy setting which the authors describe as, "unlike any fantasy world you've seen."

Peryton Publishing produces a variety of products for role-playing. Their games include Peryton Fantasy Role-Playing Game (an OGL-based system) and TAG (Tom's Adventure Gaming), a multi-genre system with published rules for both grunge fantasy and retro style science fiction. They also publish original fiction and supplements for other games. Their web address is

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