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Issue: 193

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Blue Panther To Publish "Rocks For Sale"
Blue Panther is pleased to announce an agreement with Pyromyth Games to publish "Rocks For Sale" in July 2008.
Rocks for Sale is a tongue-in-cheek space opera where players start with surplus spacecraft, explosive charges & massive debt. You will compete with the other hopeful captains to find asteroids containing the most precious metals. Tow these floating treasures back to earth while avoiding stellar phenomenon and stray explosives to become the first to make your fortune or at least pay off your mountain of debt.

Rocks for Sale uses a player-driven action resolution system, no dice are required. All you need to supply is your capitalist ambitions! For 2-5 players ages 10 and up. Plays in 30-60 minutes.

Rocks For Sale will be available at in July and in your favorite local gaming store in November 2008

Blue Panther LLC is a publisher of boardgames (Central Pacific, Piecepack) and game accessories (Dice Towers, Dungeon Terrain). All of our products are made in the USA out of wood and laser engraved to ensure high quality and longlasting play value. Check out our other products at
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2008-06-22 14:28:14
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