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New Blue Panther Releases at Origins 2008
Blue Panther LLC will be releasing several games and accessories at Origins this year - including Nepal, Sudoku Tactics, Duck Duck Boom 2nd Edition and Sudoku Boards (Accessory).
Blue Panther is pleased to announce the release of three games and one game accessory at Origins 2008 in Columbus on June 26-29th, 2008.

Come visit us in booth 222 at Origins for free demos. Over 30 scheduled events for all our games this year, including all the new releases!

Nepal - the first in our "big wooden box" line of games - trade and intrigue at the top of the world - a game of trade routes, maneuvering and the occasional conflict for 3-5 players. Featuring a full color six-panel map and all wooden components, Nepal's quality will catch your eye, and the clean, polished gameplay will ensure that this "big wooden box" gets opened up for play again and again.

Sudoku Tactics - a strategy game played on the world's favorite math puzzle. Featuring a wooden playing board and 81 tiles, the gameplay is simple, but the strategic options with each turn will give you alot to think about. Can also be used to help you solve Sudoku puzzles.

Duck Duck Boom! 2nd Edition - those crazy ducks are back, this time in a full color second edition with bigger pieces and even more "boom"! The family game that the entire family will enjoy.

Sudoku Board - the perfect accessory for those who love to work on math puzzles. A sturdy wooden board with recessed spaces for up to 9x9 Sudoku puzzles and 81 number tiles in 9 colors. Use the Sudoku board to work on your favorite math puzzles anywhere - in the car, on the road, curled up on the couch. No more tiles flying all over the place if the board gets nudged! Also features an 8x8 chess/checker board on the reverse side.

Blue Panther LLC is a board game and game accessories publisher. All Blue Panther games are suitable for family play and can be played in one hour or less. They are 100% made in the USA - featuring laser engraved wooden components and packaging. Check out the Blue Panther product line and download the rules to all our games at

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