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Issue: 11

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Ghosts of the Lady Grace Now Available
Londonderry, NH, April 29 2006 People say that ghosts cant hurt you. They were wrong! Take on the role of ghost hunters in this game of paranormal investigation.

Carnivore Games has released Ghosts of the Lady Grace and it is available in stores now!

I am very excited about this release, says Bradford Younie, President of Carnivore Games. Ive been running the pair of adventures in this product for a year now, and Im glad that everyone now has a chance to experience the fun Ive been having with it.

Ghosts of the Lady Grace is a pair of horror adventures for the Now Playing roleplaying game, using the FPI mini-setting that comes with that game. However, anyone familiar with the Fudge roleplaying game can play it on its own.

For more information about Ghosts of the Lady Grace, and Now Playing, visit the Carnivore Games web site at

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2006-04-30 15:37:15
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