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Rogue Games Releases :16
June 10, 2008 (Chicago, Illinois)-- Rogue Games has released their second card game -- :16! In addition Rogue Games is doing something different -- they are giving it away for free.

Drawing inspiration from the cult of personality surrounding today's celebrity, :16 is a fast paced card game for 2 to 4 players. Players compete against each other to gain fame and increase their celebrity status. By using your fame, you are able to spin rumors against your fellow players all in the attempt to make the most of your celebrity status.

:16 is a card game that Rogue Games believes in, but are unsure what the reaction to it will be. What we have decided to do is offer a free prototype of the game. This game has been tested and is ready for play. What we hope you do is play it and let us know what you think.

Unlike other playtests, there is no need to sign any Non Disclosure Agreements, swear blood oaths of secrecy, or anything else. All you need to do is visit the Rogue Games website, and download a copy of the game. Upon doing this you have you very own copy of the prototype. As a prototype, there are no art, but the cards and rules are laid out and ready to play. Not only is this your chance to play a complete game for free, but you get a chance to peak at the design process.

Everything you need to play the game is in this PDF. The cards have been designed to work with Avery 5390 Name Badge Insert Refills. Simply print the cards out on them, separate and you are all set to play. Heck, you do not even need to print the cards out on Avery 5390 Name Badge Insert Refills. All we want you to do is play the game.

To learn more about the game, or to download the Open Beta Playtest, visit

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2008-06-10 09:55:04
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