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Issue: 188

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Pulling Strings Expansions Now Available
Pulling Strings, a Blue Panther game by Clark Rodeffer, now has two expansion packs available - Roman Numerals and Greek Letters.
Pulling Strings, a board game of simultaneous movement for 2 players, is in general release at your friendly local game retailer in May 2008. In addition, the Pulling Strings expansion sets 1 (Roman Numerals) and set 2 (Greek Letters) are now available exclusively at our website at a low double-pack price. Set 1 (Roman Numerals) are 25 wooden double-sided tiles that feature Roman numerals on one side and Arabic numerals on the other. Set 2 (Greek Alphabet) are 24 wooden double-sided tiles that feature capital Greek letters on one side and lower case Greek letters on the other. The expansions also include a handy reference chart on heavy card stock as a player aid. Both sets are 100% compatible with Pulling Strings - use them to create a new challenge. The basic Pulling Strings set (which includes English tiles on one side, with American Sign Language on the other) is required to play.

Blue Panther LLC is the publisher and manufacturer of quality wooden games (Taiji, Courtyard) and gaming accessories (Dice Tower, Dungeon Terrain). All Blue Panther Games feature fun gameplay, clear rules, clean game mechanices and play in an hour or less. Blue Panther products are available at your favorite local retailer, or directly at
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2008-05-05 10:10:53
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