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New Adjunct to Add Intensity in Board Gaming

RAD Engineering, Ltd. has developed a new adjunct or accessory called the BOOOMTM concept to be used with simple children games as well as with sophisticated adult games that increases the emotional intensity among the players.

The concept involves a mechanical device which is a simple, all-plastic launcher powered by bungee cords and used with soft, lightweight foam blocks of different shapes, colors and sizes and have different game values.

Players stack the blocks on their side of the launcher based on directions from a dice toss or cards drawn from movements on a board. While stacking the blocks, the game provides apprehension, suspense and tension leading to the "explosion" (caused by weight or a player's nervous impulse) throwing the soft, harmless blocks many feet in all directions producing surprise and a wow factor.

The BOOOM™ concept will intensify sophisticated games using themes involving short-term gains versus sustainability. Such games based on the stock market, national industrial development, environmental concerns, global warming, weapon development, etc. will have their own rules for the use of the board, cards, play money and dice.

Alternately, each player has his own Launcher and tries to build his own better 'green' nation or investment portfolio or national weapon system playing with the same rules before the "explosion" occurs simulating global warming meltdown, stock market crash or nuclear holocaust. Who can last the longest? What choices did they make for a better world?

Also using the BOOOM™ concept with old, established favorite games can help bring families together by enticing children to play these games. BOOOM™ can be customized to be used with Chess, Checkers, etc. and card games with a little creativity. In this case BOOOM™ actually amounts to a game played simultaneously with the normal board game.

We have a working prototype which includes a very simple game called "BOOOMTM". See our website at Comments, questions and suggestions are welcomed.

About RAD Engineering, Ltd.:

RAD Engineering, Ltd. was founded in 1990 by Ron Darby as a research and development company after operating an acoustical engineering consulting firm in Hawaii for 20 years. In 1993 an animal training device was developed and marketed. It was realized that the device could also be a fun toy and even used an an adjunct in board games.
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