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Issue: 180

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Gorilla Games "Battlestations" is back in print
For immediate release:
Gorilla Games is pleased to announce the June 2008
release of the long-awaited revised edition of the
"Battlestations 1.1" core boxed set, due to arrive at

The revised edition will feature all the excitement of
the original game, benefiting from 4 years of
experience in the field. The only starship adventure
game is finally back in print!

This product replaces the original sold-out smash hit
"Battlestations Boxed game ooc0401" and is fully
compatible with all Battlestations products.

Image of Product:

The Battlestations 1.1 rulebook will also be available
separately as 'Revised Core Rulebook' (ooc0812) for

A list of the substantial changes from the original
edition is available online at:

Check out the cover at:

"Battlestations-Revised" has an MSRP of $59.95 and
comes with the following

'Battlestations Revised' (ooc0802)
112 page rulebook (ooc0812)
48 full-color double-sided modules
4 full color double-sided map board/control cards
4 full color double-sided map board/cheat sheets
Full color markers: (80) .7" markers (32) hex-shaped
Full-color fold-up counters
10 glass beads
6 black dice
2 starships (New to this edition!)
...all in a sturdy box!

The question remains, are you a hero?

For more information about this or any Gorilla Games
release contact Jeff Siadek:

(310) 349-0377

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2008-03-26 13:47:40
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