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Issue: 173

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Rogue Games Puts Out The Call

With Thousand Suns hitting shelves this month, Rogue Games now has two game lines ready for your enjoyment. Both offer different things to different gamers, and both will be supported heavily by Rogue Games.

When forming Rogue Games, one of the things both the Rogues wanted, was to be fan friendly. Games are meant to be played and enjoyed, and game ideas should be shared.

Today, Rogue Games is putting out the call to their fans. We want your fan material!

Actually, we do not "want it;" we are looking for submissions for adventures and wiki articles for both Colonial Gothic and Thousand Suns. The articles and adventures will be hosted on the Rogue Games' websites and wikis. All contributors will be credited. In addition anything, you submit and we accept, becomes the property of Rogue Games.

So what are the requirements?


We will always respond to submissions.


Even if they are not suitable for posting. If you send a submission and do not hear back from us in a timely fashion, please drop us a line to remind us. Failure to reply is simply due to the busy schedule the Rogue's have. If you take the time to submit something, we will take the time to respond.

So how do you submit material?

Via email. Wiki entries and adventures should be in RTF (Rich Text Format) or MS Word format. You can email submissions to Please put in your subject line one of the following headers:

[Colonial Gothic Adventure Submission]
[Colonial Gothic Wiki]
[Thousand Suns Adventure Submission]
[Thousand Suns Wiki]

So there you go. Let your creativity flow and get too writing.

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2008-02-26 13:31:18
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