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Issue: 171

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Colonial Gothic News -- Colonial Gothic: Secrets

Now it can be told.

Coming May 2008, your questions are answered.

Colonial Gothic: Secrets They hide in the shadows of the hallows. They lurk in the alleys of New York. They slink along the docks of Charleston. What are they?


From societies, to hidden magic, secrets beat through the veins of the colonies.

Some may think they know everything that has transpired in the colonies, but they are wrong. There are dark things afoot. There are those with vengeance in their heart who seek to unleash it. There are creatures prowling the shadows awaiting to entangle the unsuspecting in their maws. There is evil flowing in the wind.


Secret history. Secret plots. Secret agendas.

These are the secrets of Colonial Gothic.

All is revealed May 2008.

Colonial Gothic: Secrets
120 pages, b&w, softcover
RGG 1710, $12.99

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2008-01-22 10:38:47
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