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Issue: 9

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In Dark Alleys Trailer and Instructional Video Available As Free Downloads
Eureka, CA -- April 24, 2006 -- Vajra Enterprises is pleased to announce a free In Dark Alleys “Instructional Video” as well as a video trailer are now available for download from its website:!IDA/index.htm#av

The video is a “crash course” for players, telling them everything they need to know to start playing in the world of In Dark Alleys. The video consists of music, narration and still art from the RPG. In Dark Alleys is the new modern-day horror RPG from the makers of the critically acclaimed RPGs Fates Worse Than Death and Tibet.

Vajra’s first Instructional Video was created for its cyberpunk game Fates Worse Than Death. “We found the setting for Fates was so different from the generic-cyberpunk that people are used to, with so many unique elements, that players needed a crash course to familiarize them with the setting.”

Besides unique and detailed settings, Vajra has been delighting fans with the massive web support available for its games, which includes music, free downloadable lite versions, online games, interactive maps, and more.

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2006-04-24 23:53:25
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