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Issue: 170

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Polymancer Studios Annouces New Acquisitions

"Polymancer Studios Inc." to be the flagship of “Polymancer Group”

  (MONTREAL) — Polymancer Studios is pleased to announce that due to recent expansions and corporate acquisitions its various companies will now fall under the title of the Polymancer® Group of companies.

  This decision was taken since 2007 was a most fortuitous year for Polymancer Studios with the purchase of the distribution company Distant Horizons and the acquisition of the IGG/MGG/GG family of non-profit corporations were just two of last year’s highlights for the company.

  With the conclusion of 2007, the new year is being rung in with the acquisition of Rubicon Development, a computer software firm specializing in the development of both game and non-game applications.

  Further details on Distant Horizons, Rubicon Development, and IGG/MGG/GG products and projects will be announced in future press releases.

Polymancer Group of Companies   Polymancer Studios Inc.
  Distant Horizons Inc.
  Rubicon Development Inc.

Contact Info   Polymancer Studios, Inc.
  20 Weredale Park
  Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1Y6 (Canada)
  514-667-1585 (in Canada)
  310-928-3620 (U.S. West Coast)
  617-381-4402 (U.S. East Coast)
  Skype: polymancer
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2008-01-07 16:34:23
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