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Arc Dream's 'Monsters and Other Childish Things' shipping March 2008
Birmingham, Ala., 21 December 2007 — Arc Dream Publishing, which produced the tabletop roleplaying games “Wild Talents” and “Godlike”, has released its newest roleplaying game, “Monsters and Other Childish Things: The Completely Monstrous Edition.” Now at press, “Monsters” will ship as a 184-page hardcover book (MSRP $29.99) in March 2008.

A PDF edition, on sale now at, gives players a taste of what they’ll see in print. In its first day of release it already saw a glowing reception among fans. Expansions, sourcebooks, demo kits and beautiful promotional posters are now in development for simultaneous release in March, and “Monsters” games and demos will take place at GenCon, Origins, DragonCon and other conventions in 2008.

“Monsters and Other Childish Things” first appeared as a short supplement for Arc Dream’s superhero game “Wild Talents,” but enthusiastic fan response led the creators to expand it into a full-fledged roleplaying game.

In “Monsters and Other Childish Things,” players take the roles of ordinary children whose best friends are horrifying monsters from beyond time and space, and who face threats from other monsters, suspicious teachers, exasperated parents, the Monster Investigation Bureau (M.I.B.), and — shudder! — report cards.

Arc Dream’s Shane Ivey said, “‘Monsters’ appeals to gamers who like a little humor with their horror. It’s absurd and funny and scary and suspenseful, all at once.”

As reviewer Kevin Veale put it on “Anyone who enjoys black humour, ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ and Lovecraftian horrors will find this worth a look.”

“Monsters and Other Childish Things” is written by Benjamin Baugh, with illustrations and graphic design by Robert Mansperger and Daniel Solis (“Reign”). It uses the “One-Roll Engine” game system developed by Greg Stolze for the popular superhero action games “Godlike” and “Wild Talents” and the cult-favorite horror game “Nemesis.”

Extensive previews and game resources are available at

For review copies and interview opportunities, please contact Shane Ivey at or (205) 296-6670.

About Arc Dream Publishing

Arc Dream Publishing is a partnership between game designer Dennis Detwiller (“Delta Green,” “Godlike,” “Wild Talents” and the videogames “Prototype,” “Scarface: The World Is Yours” and “Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction”) and publisher Shane Ivey.

Detwiller and Ivey worked together on many projects for horror game studio Pagan Publishing over the years, and for Hobgoblynn Press during the initial release of the wartime roleplaying game “Godlike: Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, 1936-1946,” written by Dennis Detwiller and Greg Stolze. In 2002 Arc Dream took over publication of “Godlike” and published several supplements for it over the next few years.

In 2006 Arc Dream published a limited release of the “Godlike” sequel, “Wild Talents: Superhero Roleplaying in a World Gone Mad.” Written by Detwiller, Stolze, Ivey and Kenneth Hite, and illustrated by Christopher Shy, Samuel Araya and Todd Shearer, “Wild Talents” quickly sold through its 1,000-copy print run and became a fan favorite. An expanded second edition is now in development for retail distribution in mid-2008.

Most recently, Arc Dream collaborated with Pagan Publishing on a 1,000-copy limited release of “Delta Green: Eyes Only,” a long-awaited hardcover sourcebook for the popular “Delta Green” game setting. Written by Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy and Shane Ivey, and illustrated by Todd Shearer with graphic design by Daniel Solis, “Delta Green: Eyes Only” sold out a few days after its release, and there are plans for a retail release in 2008.

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