Newsletter for Monday, December 10, 2007
Issue: 167

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Polymancer magazine price revised

Currency market upheaval brings about price change.

  (MONTREAL) — Polymancer® magazine is no longer split-priced. While it is common practice for magazines and books to be sold at a different price in Canada to account for the exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollars, the multi-genre system-independent gaming magazine is now sold at the same cover price in both Canada and the US, $5.25.

  This is an absolute first in the game hobby industry. No other publisher, Canadian or otherwise, has as of yet changed its prices in response to Canadian consumers’ demands for realistic, fair pricing.

  Price parity has become an important topic in Canadian book and magazine publishing circles lately. Canadian retail customers are used to seeing higher prices in Canadian dollars for books and magazines. For instance, a single issue of Polymancer magazine costs $6.95 CAN. while in the United States, a copy of the same issue would cost $5.25 USD. The price difference for some mainstream books can be even bigger; for instance, J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollows has a list price of $45 CAN. at the Chapters book chain in Canada and $34.99 USD at Barnes & Noble in the US.

  Such cross-border price differences have long been accepted as a fact of life by Canadians, who until recently have been used to a dollar that is valued at or below 70 cents US. Other factors influencing the prices of books in Canadian stores include the cost of shipping and customs brokerage. However, the Canadian dollar has recently gone up in value against the American dollar. It reached par with its American counterpart on September 20 2007 and had gone as high as $1.10 since then. The Canadian dollar now trades steadily at or slightly above par with its American counterpart. Also, as Polymancer magazine is printed and published in Canada, shipping and brokerage costs do not affect its price in Canadian game, hobby, and magazine retail stores.

About Polymancer Studios, Inc.

  Polymancer Studios Inc. is a full-service printer, graphic design house, and publisher whose focus is on – but not limited to – the game hobby and entertainment industry. Polymancer Studios’s products include Polymancer magazine; the Polyglot™, newsletter; Mojo™, the Infinitely Convertible™ roleplaying rules system; and PUMMEL!™, the Pick-Up, Multigenre Miniatures, Easy to Learn fast-paced generic miniatures game. Polymancer Studios regularly contributes a segment to Pulp Gamer’s “Out of Character” podcast (

  Polymancer Studios, Inc.
  20 Weredale Park
  Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1Y6 (Canada)
  514-667-1585 (in Canada)
  310-928-3620 (U.S. West Coast)
  617-381-4402 (U.S. East Coast)
  Skype: polymancer
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2007-12-10 14:28:25
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