Newsletter for Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Issue: 165

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Blue Panther Announces a new board game - Pulling Strings
Pulling Strings - a game of simultaneous movement.
Blue Panther presents Pulling Strings, a new two player game by Clark Rodeffer.

Pull the strings by choosing a letter or symbol. Each pull moves the disks one space in that direction along the grid.. The first player to get five disks on their "home spaces" (square or circle) is the winner. Be careful, the other player is pulling strings simultaneously with you - sometimes a string can break!

Pulling Strings melds high-quality wooden components, easy rules and a fast moving, fun game. You can also use it to learn something new. The starter set includes double sided English alphabet and ASL (American Sign Language) alphabet. Expansion sets available soon for Roman Numerals and Hiragana/Katakana (Japanese).

Now available at

Blue Panther LLC is a publisher of board games such as Courtyard and Central Pacific, gaming accessories such as dice towers and dungeon terrain, and piecepack, the universal board game system. All Blue Panther products feature 100% wooden components and box, great themes, clear rules, fun gameplay, and take an hour or less. Visit today!
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2007-11-14 13:52:36
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