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Issue: 164

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Blue Panther Announces New Game - Taiji
New game features "Yin/Yang" theme.
Blue Panther announces the release of Taiji, a game by Nestor Romeral Andres.

TAIJI is a strategy board game for 2 players ages 7 and up.

TAIJI is a Chinese term that means ‘Great Duality’ and represents the fight of Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Darkness, YIN vs. YANG. But YIN and YANG are indivisible! That’s why both players use the same indivisible “dual” pieces called TAIJITUS.

The object of the game is to get the highest score summing up the two largest shapes of connected squares of your color (DARK or LIGHT). Be careful, every time you put a TAIJITU you may be helping your opponent as well as yourself!

Simple to play, a challenge to master. Taiji plays in minutes, but will fascinate for years.

Now available in 1st Edition.

Blue Panther LLC is a publisher of board games such as Courtyard and Central Pacific, gaming accessories such as dice towers and dungeon terrain, and piecepack, the universal board game system. All Blue Panther products feature 100% wooden components and box, great themes, clear rules, fun gameplay, and take an hour or less. Visit today!
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2007-11-14 13:37:11
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