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Issue: 8

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Polymancer Magazine

Polymancer Magazine Issue #8 is in stores now.

Polymancer Issue #8

(MONTREAL)---Volume #1 Issue #8 of Polymancer magazine is in stores now. Polymancer magazine is the o­nly multigenre system-independent general game magazine in print.

  The centerpiece of this month’s issue of Polymancer® magazine is a complete fantasy adventure scenario called “A Darkness Whispered,” written for Iron Crown Enterprises’s HARP™ (High Action Role Playing) and Mojo™.

  A spokesman said “we teamed up with I.C.E. o­n this because we wanted to do a classic fantasy roleplaying scenario and HARP Really fills the bill in that department. ‘A Darkness Whispered’ is not just another dungeon crawl however. There’s a lot the players have to figure out in this scenario.” The spokesman added that the scenario is also playable in Mojo, Polymancer’s infinitely convertible roleplaying rules system.™ “It’s very easy to convert the adventure so it can be played in another RPG, especially with the o­nline supplements in our web site’s ‘downloads’ section.”

Issue #8 of Polymancer has all the regular features and articles that gamers from all over have come to expect:

  • Jousting With Words™: an editorial about the “rules-light” vs. “rules-heavy” debate.
  • The Lich’s Niche™: “Something Wicked this Way Comes.” Why (almost) nobody makes RPGs with occult themes.
  • Quotable Quotes™: (Comic) Witty gamer banter taken out of context.
  • Tech Talk: “Harnessing the Power of IRC.” A basic primer o­n how to make the most of gaming over Internet Relay Chat.
  • An Urban Geography Primer: Realistic places to put cities, towns, and settlements in any fantasy campaign setting.
  • Gauntlet™: “Sore Losers and Sore Winners.” Munchkining, hyper-competitiveness, and other attitudes that can ruin a game.
  • Mojo™: “Equipping Your Character II.” Finally the more mundane equipping that every character should do for the PC to be ready for anything.
  • Plot Fodder™: “Adventuring in the City.” The city is commonly skipped over in fantasy games and is just used as a place to rest up , unwind, heal, and equip between adventures. The city can be an adventure in itself. Here’s how to do it.
  • Side Quest™: (Comic) The misadventures of a group of young gamers continues.

  “The two articles about cities make up a sizeable portion of this month’s content,” said the spokesman. “It’s a subject that fantasy games don’t always handle was well as they could. It’s a shame because as these articles show, cities are a big part of world-building and there’s really a lot of great roleplaying that can be done in them.”

About Polymancer® Studios, Inc.

  Polymancer Studios is a publishing company, a printer, a graphic design house, and a multimedia company specializing in different areas of the publishing, game development and game entertainment industries. Polymancer Studios also provides development, design, and print services to new and existing games companies. To find out more about what Polymancer Studios does and about current projects, visit

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