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Issue: 160

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Tiny Mantis Entertainment releases THUGS!
Thugs! is a family strategy game with enough tactical back stabbing to satisfy even the hard core gamer.
Thugs! combines the strategy of a card game with the fun of a board game.
* Take turns building a maze using your Maze, Key, and Finish cards.
* Commit acts of sabotage with cards from your Action hand.
* Guide your pawn through the maze encountering friends and foes.
* Fight Thugs to steal cards from other players.
* Even generate Earthquakes to wreak havoc on the layout of the game.
All while you manipulate your way through twists and turns to a glorious victory!

2 to 4 players.
Ages 12 and up.
Playing time 45 minutes

For a limited time every purchase includes a free deluxe account for the On-Line version.

Got to for more information and try the basic On-Line version.

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2007-09-17 15:06:07
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