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Faery’s Tale Deluxe Figures Released
Carmichael, CA – A complete set of printable, foldable color figures for Faery’s Tale Deluxe is now available from Arion Games, under license by Firefly Games.

“These figures are a great addition to any game, particularly for younger players,” said Patrick Sweeney, president of Firefly Games and creator of Faery’s Tale Deluxe.

The 49 figures in the set include pixies, brownies, sprites, pookas, fantastic creaturs, and woodland animals straight from the popular storytelling game of faery folklore for ages 6 & up. The figures are of a larger size, suitable for tiny hands.

“The chance to create a set specifically for a game as well received and popular as Faery’s Tale was something we couldn’t pass up. These figures help with visualization for younger players, but will also add an extra element for adults!” said Graham Bottley, founder of Arion Games.

The $5 set can be purchased from Arion Games on RPG Now, Drive-Through RPG, Your Games Now, e23, and Fantasy Download. For an art preview, go to:

About Firefly Games
Based in California, Firefly Games publishes child- and family-friendly games providing dynamic fun for all ages. The company was founded in 2002 by industry author Patrick Sweeney, and publishes the acclaimed Faery’s Tale and Monster Island series of games, among others.

Contact Patrick Sweeney at for more information.
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About Arion Games
Arion Games was founded in 2005 to produce the next generation of high-quality paper miniatures for fantasy, historical and sci-fi roleplaying games. With more than 60 different and diverse sets, there is something for almost every game.

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