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Polymancer Studios Acquires Distant Horizons Distribution

Polymancer Studios continues expansion with purchase this week of Distant Horizons Distribution Incorporated.

Polymancer Studios Acquires Distant Horizons Distribution.

New management adds game hobby industry know-how.

  (MONTREAL)—Publishing House and Printer Polymancer Studios, Inc. (PMS) has expanded into distribution, marketing, and fulfillment with their acquisition of Distant Horizons, Incorporated. The takeover will combine Polymancer’s game and hobby industry know-how with Distant Horizons’s established distribution network and retail connections.

  Distant Horizons was previously owned by the Horizons Group of companies and was its newest subsidiary venture to date. It was their hope to expand into the games, hobby, and entertainment distribution market.

  This move was accompanied by management problems which had a direct and negative impact on the company's goals. This led to the decision last month by the head of the Horizons Group to offer Distant Horizons up for sale to companies in the games and hobby industries.

  Part of Polymancer’s plans for restructuring Distant Horizons involves the introduction of a Marketing Support Program, the full details of which are to be announced at a later date.

  “We are certainly pleased and looking forward to gaining experience in the distribution market and the possibilities that the acquisition of Distant Horizons provides us. We wish to assure all existing clients of Distant Horizons that this change of ownership and management style will only serve to improve the service offered to them.” said a PMS spokesman.

  Distant Horizons manager Marc Quiroz said “My staff and I are pleased to have been acquired by Polymancer Studios. We foresee a new understanding and new direction in terms of the games, hobby, and entertainment distribution industry. Having worked in the capacity as a distributor for Polymancer Studios for a short time, I am hopeful about our new relationship with them as the new owners of Distant Horizons.”

About Distant Horizons Distribution

  Distant Horizons, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polymancer Studios, Incorporated. As a game, hobby, and entertainment fulfillment company, it is chiefly interested in the following kinds of products:
  • Tabletop roleplaying games (RPGs)
  • Thematic card games
  • Board games
  • Miniature figures, scenery, painting equipment, and accessories.
  • Model kits
  • Software
  • DVDs
  • Fiction publications of various kinds, oriented at the “fan” market (e.g. science fiction, fantasy, horror).
  • Other related and similar products in the hobby and entertainment markets.

About Polymancer Studios, Inc.

  Polymancer Studios Inc. is a full-service printer, graphic design house, and publisher whose focus is on – but not limited to – the game hobby and entertainment industries. Polymancer Studios’s game related products include Polymancer magazine, the Polyglot™ newsletter, Mojo™ - "the Infinitely Convertible™ roleplaying rules system", and PUMMEL!™ - "the Pick-Up, Multigenre Miniatures, Easy to Learn fast-paced generic miniatures game". Polymancer Studios regularly contributes a segment to Pulp Gamer’s “Out of Character” podcast (


Polymancer Studios, Inc.
20 Weredale Park
Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1Y6 (Canada)
514-667-1585 (in Canada)
310-928-3620 (U.S. West Coast)
617-381-4402 (U.S. East Coast)
Skype: polymancer
Distant Horizons Distribution
Distant Horizons Inc.
925 de Maisoneuve O., Suite #180
Montreal, QC H3A 0A5 CANADA
949 525-4358
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2007-08-20 14:58:39
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