Newsletter for Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Issue: 153

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RolePlayersINK inviyes you to demo Food Fight The Card Game
Denver, Co -- The demo deck is available NOW! That right you and 4 friends can run a short, exciting food fight.
The Food Fight Demo is here! Fred Fotbul, Carly Cheer, Gary Geeksome, and Patricia Pretty are all included in this short 40 card Demo Deck. Throw food and dodge the attacks of other players with a handy freshman. Download the demo of food fight at RoleplayersINK and have a blast. Then find RolePlayersINK at booth 2205 at gencon and buy the complete 140 card game for only 14.99. See ya there and don't get to messed up when those nachos hit you.
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2007-08-14 15:44:19
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