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In Dark Alleys, New Horror RPG From Vajra Enterprises, Now Available
Eureka, CA -- April 5, 2005 -- Vajra Enterprises, publishers of the critically acclaimed RPGs Fates Worse Than Death and Tibet are pleased to announce the release of its new RPG, In Dark Alleys.

In Dark Alleys is a game of psychological and cosmological horror. It takes place in something that seems like the modern world, but where dark places hold terrible secrets. Players play ‘the touched,’ those who have peeked behind the curtain of this reality and have gained dangerous supernatural abilities. Los Angeles is provided as an in-depth campaign setting, yet IDA can be played anywhere in the modern world.

In Dark Alleys continues the standards that have made previous Vajra RPGs so acclaimed:
-A unique and highly detailed setting.
-A flexible and realistic character creation system.
-Thought provoking material that does not shy away form the controversial or disturbing.
-Layout designed to optimize ease of use, including ‘In Brief’ boxes for every section.
-Excellent web support, with a free introductory video coming soon.

“I’m so excited about it, I’m quoting myself about it in my own press release,” said Vajra’s Creative Director, Brian St.Claire-King.

In Dark Alleys has an MSRP of $37.95 USD. It’s 288 pages softbound. It can be purchased from or at any game retailer. IDA is available to retailers through every major game distributor.
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2006-04-05 17:57:20
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