Newsletter for Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Issue: 143

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Digital Alchemy releases Swordplay: Rising Sun - Martial Arts Combat Card Game
Digital Alchemy is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Swordplay: Rising Sun martial arts card game (PDF edition).
Swordplay: Rising Sun is a fast paced non-collectible card game of martial arts combat. Face your opponents in hand to hand combat using a wide variety of kicks, punches and more exotic maneuvers. Wield a variety of classic martial arts weapons including Sai, Throwing Stars and more. Build your Chi to unleash devastating attacks on your opponents bringing honor to your house.

Now available in print at your local game store or as a PDF from most popular online game stores.

About Digital Alchemy
Based in Missouri, Digital Alchemy publishes a variety of card, board and role-playing games and gaming software. The company was founded in 1993 by Dan Ridenhour as a gaming software company, later expanding its line to include boxed and PDF games. Digital Alchemy publishes the Hack-n-Slash line of FUDGE based RPGs, Swordplay card games and Cartoforge mapping software, among others.

Contact Dan Ridenhour at for more information.
Visit Digital Alchemy at
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2007-07-31 18:39:42
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