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Issue: 142

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Dialect Training Available to Roleplayers
Dialect training CDs arm roleplayers with accents and charisma.
Benson, AZ (July 27, 2007) - Pulp Gamer has just announced their release of Accent Your Character, a series of dialect training CDs for roleplayers, storytellers, and other casual pretenders. The presentations are written and preformed by 25 year veteran dialect trainer, Paul Meier. Paul has trained some big names such as Tobey Maguire of Spiderman, and now gives us an entertaining and informative way to add some flavor to your characters. The first volume includes Cockney and Standard British or the Queen's English. The second includes Irish and Scottish. Each of the CDs include instruction of the common sounds of the dialect and catch phrases commonly heard from people of the corresponding regions. These are presented in a number of encounters familiar to the stories told in many roleplaying games. This will be the first product release by Pulp Gamer, a company that has thus far only been producing podcasts. The first copies will be sold at Gen Con 2007 and be made available to retailers and distributors. Audio promos and imagery are available at
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2007-07-28 00:27:14
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