Newsletter for Thursday, July 26, 2007
Issue: 141

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Distant Horizons Distribution.
The Horizons Group re-evaluates hobby distribution.

(Montreal) July 26, 2007

 The Horizons Group has completed its re-evaluation of its newest corporate subsidiary; Distant Horizons Distributions Inc., following recent developments regardings its initial introduction to manufacturers in a variety of hobby forums, associations, groups, and business associations.

 A decisions has been reached by the executive board of the Horizons Group to sell off its corporate subsidiary (aka Distant Horizons Distribution Inc.) in its entirety if possible to any interested party or parties. This would include all of Distant Horizons's assets (office equipment and inventory), corporate agreements, favorable trade agreements, and staff contracts. All debt to the day of this posting have been assumed by the parent group.

 This offer of sale is open for a limited time period only; one month from this date; effective immediately.

 Failing this Distant Horizons Distribution Inc. will be broken up and either sold off or re-absorbed.

 Should any party wish further information, please contact Mr. Quiroz at the office phone number or email

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2007-07-26 10:35:55
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