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Issue: 139

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Og Previews Excavated
Carmichael, CA – Check out a free preview of “Og: Unearthed Edition” plus the first of three design columns by author Robin D. Laws!

Both files can be downloaded at The preview contains the first several pages of the game, while the design column provides insights into the redesign of Og from the ground up.

Og: Unearthed Edition is the latest evolution in the classic storytelling game of caveman comedy. First published in 1995 by Wingnut Games, Og invited gamers to play cavemen trying to overcome their own stupidity and limited vocabularies in a loopy world of dinosaurs, giant wombats, and even weirder stuff.

The licensed new Firefly Games edition by Robin D. Laws streamlines the rules but keeps all the laughs for a positively prehistoric good time. Og: Unearthed Edition goes on sale Wednesday, July 25, in PDF and print pre-order, and debuts in print at GenCon Indy, Aug. 16-19. The 48-page Og: Unearthed Edition sells for $7.95 in PDF and $12.95 in print.

About Firefly Games
Based in California, Firefly Games publishes child- and family-friendly games providing dynamic fun for all ages. The company was founded in 2002 by industry author Patrick Sweeney, and publishes the acclaimed Faery’s Tale and Monster Island series of games, among others.

Contact Patrick Sweeney at for more information.
Visit Firefly Games at
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